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Sweet Pro & Redmond

Sweet Pro

We have access to the full line of Sweet Pro tubs and Redmond salt products, click the link below to check them out!


We have the cattle tubs on hand and like the varying hardnesses of these tubs and the fact that they will hit most all natural programs.  From fresh weaned calves to the cattle out on pasture, there should be a fit for your program.


Redmond Salt

There is a difference.  We have been selling the Redmond with our loose mineral and in areas where consumption has been typically high in the past (even with generic white, iodized or TM salt) we have seen the consumption level off and be more appropriate.


Equilix tubs

We carry the Equlilix tubs year round as well.  They have been a big hit since we started handling them, especially with the garlic for fly control.  A good  all around tub for your horse.

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