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Services we provide

Nutrition Consulting


          We have been providing nutrition advice for ten years in Montana and have been around the livestock business our entire lives.  We work with producers and feeding operations and have the technical support to help you with the challenges that come up.  No two years are the same and we know that, so being adaptable is where we shine.



         We offer delivery and can make arrangements to get to your operation.  

Ranch delivery gives us a chance to come and see the operation we are working with and build the kind of relationship that we value in business.  

We do not want to make a sale and move on, our customer base and their success is paramount to our own viability.  We will do everything in our control to make your experience working with us enjoyable.


     Collin has been working in the livestock auction trade for the past five years.  Starting out at Miles City Livestock Commission, he currently sells 3 livestock markets and numerous purebred cattle and sheep sales.   We offer an option to trade feeder cattle through Frontier Stockyards and Western Video Market. 

We would love to visit with you about your sale and let you know what we can offer.

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